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Afghanistan is an islami country which is located at the heart of asia the people how are living in this country is very brave and hospitable and Afghanistan has 5000 years Historicaldating in the world and afghanistan has 34 provences and the flag of afghanistan is mead of three colors such as black,red and green and is an agricultural country it means the only why for development economical salvation of this country is agricultural and the National languages of this country is dari and pashto and afghanistan has morethan 32 language the famous language of this country are, tajiki , Avzbky,hazarae ,dari,pashto and etc.

and there different nationals in the afghanistan such as pashton, tajik,ozbak,hzarz,and etc. afghanistan is a Mountainus country the famous mountain of afhanistan are hendokosh,baba,feruzkoh,and etc.   and the famous river of Afghanistan are Amo river,panjsher river, and etc. and the famous provences of Afghanistan are Kabul,herat,balkh,Jalalabad,helmand and etc. and Islam is the religion of the people of Afghanistan. And pakestan is the first country which has morethan moslem people and Afghanistan is the second country which has morethan moslem people.

And Afghanistan is Ongoing and 80 % people of Afghanistan Engagedin agriculture Afghan agriculturalproductsare rice,wheat,Atmosphere,maize and etc.

In Afghanistan youngs Educationcoursesaremoreinterested Because oftheirprogress Since many of the old rule over Afghanistan was ruled validity for example yonaneha,koshaneha,Eskandar maqdone,abasiha for 523 years,omaveia for 90years and other Governments.

                                                                            Afghanistanisworld's cultural heritage.

And has beautiful Sartarykhy.

                                                                        Afghanistanarea of​​652,000kilometers.

The people of AfghanistanhaveBsyarprshvrvshvq.At the end of the Afghan people, and I'm happy been involved in Afghanistan and for a global peace.



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