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Afghanistan is a elegant country it is a Mountain country but it is have a lot of fruit but afghan tan fruit is export to other country to Tajikistan ozbkstan etc. but


Afghanistan is have a lot of Agricultural land Afghanistan is a prosperous country but it is a lot of mine but afghan people Discovery a lot of mine afghan arm is day

to day improvement the are night and day fight with antagonist of Afghanistan but afghan Soldier s are were brave afghan people like Afghanistan to up afghan

people love afghan tan afghan woman now in Afghanistan were development but afghan woman like to up but afghan woman is up. In Afghanistan girls and woman’s is were development but afghan woman now connect with other country. but afghan woman Competition with other country.afghanistan is a best country in the world but Afghanistan is heart of Asia


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bahman barakzai was born in nimroz province Afghanistan,graduated fram Riaz high school in 2007 in Herat bahman graduated fram computer Science in Herat

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