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Afghanistan is a country located in Central Asia and South Asia. Mahmud Ghazni and Muhammad Ghauri were two conquerors, who invaded India many years ago. When the British occupied South Asia, they too had to fight many wars against Afghanistan. In the end they decide to leave this state free to defend its own borders against Russia, a strong country in the north. In 1979 Russian armies invaded Afghanistan to install a government of their own choice and millions of Afghans left their homeland to take refuge in other neighbor countries, such as Pakistan and Iran. With assistance of USA and other Islamic countries, especially Pakistan, the Afghan Mujahedeen battled against the Russians and freed their country by 1988. After that there was a conflict between Mujahedeen over the rule of Afghanistan. This conflict was settled by the Taliban, a religious group, who ruled from 1996 to 2001. They were force to leave the country when they engaged in the conflict with the USA after the destruction of world trade center in New York United State of America.   


                The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. It is a hilly country without any railway and seaport. Some of the lands in the south are fertile and vegetation is possible. Its total population is over 26.5 million and more than 99% of which is Muslim but small colonies of Parses, Hindus and Jews are also present in the country. Many languages are spoken in Afghanistan including Dari, which is very similar to Persian.   

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