Afghanistan’s students and their development in technology

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Amir Ali Sher Nawaie did a lot of activities during the last week; the final examination of the students finished from seventh u to twelfth classes. The students were very happy and grateful from the educational manager of the school and the teachers.

Because they helped they helped the students to pass their examinations in the best way. The teachers are hard working to announce the students’ results in the twenty fifth of this month, according to the educational department decision.


A new class of social media training held in the schools that the new students will take the necessary trainings of social and digital media. The new Blog writing classes will be held in three different shifts. The students are very interested to attend in these kinds of classes that Citadel Company is starting in the schools, especially for the girls. Now, the girls could write blogs without any prevention in their schools in a safe mood. They familiarize with the new technology and communicate with their counterparts from all over the world. 

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Amir Ali Sher Nawaie was established in 1368. At first, it was both a male and female school but in different shifts until 1390. In 1390, it became a female school and students are now studying in three shifts. It has 29 classes, more than 4,000 students and 155 teachers.…

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