Afghans need real democracy

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    Democracy is a new phenomenon which is well accepted by Afghan people within a short time. Democracy is a fair system for them.

    Since Afghan people have reached democracy by cooperation of the United States and other international community countries, they have reached freedom in different fields in Afghanistan. They can vote for their favorite candidate in order to elect him/her as their president. They can express their opinions about different issues in Afghanistan openly.

    Kian is a journalist who has already graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Herat University he said: “I am a democrat and believe in real democracy.”

Kian says that the real democracy is the best government system for Afghan people in order to express their thoughts openly. He believes that much time is needed for Afghan people to reach the real democracy.

He said: “Democracy leads the people to prosperity and sets them free.”

    Democracy is based in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban. The democracy today Afghan people enjoy, some Afghan neighboring countries have no access such as China, and…

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Fariba Rijhan is a young member of media family in Herat Province of Afghanistan. She is graduated of journalism faculty in Herat university of Afghanistan. Now she is working as a professional journalist in worldwide Radio of Zohal as well as a writer for Filmannex. In her opinion, being a…

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