Afghans’ problems by getting knowledge

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Knowledge is a light that rescues all the humans from darkness of ignorance and drags them to their successfully way also it reaches them to their highest summits of wishes.                                                                                                        As we know if someone knows himself or herself, they will know their God that are these are from blessing knowledge.

As we all know that atmosphere of getting knowledge should be free and peaceful. It shouldn’t be forget that   knowledge has a direct relation with security.

Now I want to express that Afghans’ problems and acknowledgement about getting knowledge.                 As Afghanistan passed its thirty years in war its knowledge is going to be better and better.

I want to tell my own opinion about development of knowledge in three steps.

In the past:

As Afghanistan had a painful past in Taliban regime there weren’t any didactic and academic institutes, if there were, there were few members.

In this part I want to mention to a prejudicial strata that was damaged in this regime.

That is woman whom makes half of a society figure was faced to very significant familiarities, for example they haven’t rights of getting knowledge etc. Now a country is paralysis when half of its people don’t have social activities.

Finally because of these familiarities afghan’s knowledge                                                                          hasn’t increase yet.

Lack of security

Weak economic

Being few didactic and academic institutes

Weak pillars of parent’s knowledge

In the present:

 Field of Knowledge has been started since year 2003 and its cause is didactic and academic‘s establishing.   

 Up to now processing of these kinds of establishes are expanded that caused development of afghan’s knowledge.

We still can’t say that afghan’s knowledge has an outstanding expansion, but opposite of past   they have a good acknowledgement about getting knowledge because they can defense from their civil rights better than the past, for example statement freedom and the most significant freedom is getting knowledge that afghan’s people were lack of these two important rights.

In the future:

However Afghanistan is still has some  insecure areas; I have an optimist point of view about Afghanistan development of knowledge because it is going to development it will developed in case of its knowledge development that is going to improve and progress.


Afghanistan is now started to develop, so it gets time to improve in some important parts for example knowledge, culture and its business, we the people of Afghanistan should not be in hurry and judge wrong  by speculation.


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Farzaneh Popal is originally from Afghanistan was born in herat, in may 20/1988 she moved to Iran when she was a child. She went to primary, secondary, and high school in Tehran. since she interested in English language she studied four years english in Kish way institute of Tehran. she…

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