African Tree Toad

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The African Tree Toad is a small species of Toad found in the forests of Central Africa. Today, little is still known about this tiny amphibian and the constantly decreasing population numbers of the African Tree Toad are making it increasingly difficult for us to learn more about them. There are two known subspecies of the African Tree Toad, which are the African Tree Toad and the Bates' Tree Toad. Both African Tree Toad species are of similar size and colour but tend to differ in the geographical regions they inhabit.

The African Tree Toad is generally dark to light brown in colour, with white patches on it's belly and like other Toad species, the African Tree Toad has specially designed feet which aid it's semi-aquatic and tree climbing lifestyle. The African Tree Toad is a terrestrial animal and uses it' s toes to also help it to hop about on the ground. The toes of the African Tree Toad are long and thin, with sticky, round discs on the tips. These widely spread digits enable this Toad to grip onto a larger surface area. The tiny striped body of the African Tree Toad grows up 3.8cm in length making these animals particularly hard to spot amongst the debris on the forest floor.









 Scientific Name:Nectophryne afra



Size (L):2.5cm - 3.8cm (1in - 1.5in)

Weight:2g - 5g (0.07oz - 0.18oz)

Top Speed:8km/h (5mph)

Life Span:3 - 5 years


Conservation Status:Least Concern

 Colour:Brown, Black, White, Tan

Skin Type:PermeableLocation:Central Africa

Habitat:Tropical lowland forestAverage Spawn Size:100

Prey:Insects, Worms, Snails

Predators:Fish, Toads, Birds

Distinctive Features:Small body size and webbed feet

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