After 15 Years of Operation, Microsoft Official Close MSN Messenger Service

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One more service that Microsoft has officially discontinued its existence would not. The services are MSN Messenger which is also known as Windows Live Messenger. This application is officially no longer accessed on 31 October. Total service has been operating for 15 years since 1999.

Closure of MSN Messenger service has actually been announced by Microsoft last year. Precisely in March 2013, but at that time, Microsoft made an exception to the existing MSN Messenger users in China. And with this announcement, Microsoft has closed the messenger service is totally hers.

MSN Messenger is known as one of the chat service is quite popular. Even at four years ago, Microsoft said that MSN Messenger has a number of active members per month reached 330 users. On the other hand, Microsoft has now has Skype service that promises more features.

Microsoft did not officially disclose the reasons for the closure of MSN Messenger service. But most likely, they want to level the growing popularity of Skype and MSN Messenger users expect to switch to Skype.


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