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Check it out!  This was INSANE!!!!  Yeah MIG 21 no joke!  US Air Force pilot Bob Ray takes me for a full throttle ride in this episode of XCORPS, MIG 21!  OH, and for full effect he puts me in charge of the ejection seats, giving me the quick lesson on how to if the engine quits in this supersonic rocket! I say rocket because that what it totally is, don't be fooled this was all engine.... POWERHOUSE, SUPERSONIC, AFTERBURNING, JET ENGINE!!! 

Up close there is not much to this jet in the way of wings!  Your just sitting on a giant MACH rocket engine!  Bob says and I quote, "Jason your in the trainer seat behind me so if something goes wrong up there I'm gonna yell, EJECT and you got about 3 seconds to make the ejection sequence happen or we are hitting the ground like a GIANT lawn dart!"  No gliding in a MIG 21! 

Oh and if I look a little out of it that's because I WAS:) ha!  Bob took me for a ride man, practicing flight acrobatic stunts.  The most gnarley were the four point barrel roles!!!  See if you can tell when he does those?!  The vert incline was nuts to with all the G's slamming down on your chest like lead weight! Things definately got a little hazy, if ya know what i mean!

The Russians didn't make those planes for comfort either, I'll tell ya that!  Check out the cockpit shots, if they look up close and personal that's cuz they were, it was a tight fit! 

It was such a truly AMAZING and ADRENALIZED ride!  I hope you all enjoy watching as much as we did making this Supersonic episode of the XCORPS!  Let us know whatchu think and thanx for watchin the XCORPS! 


p.s. If you want uncut action check out MIG 21 Directors Cut by XCORPSTV!


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