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Corel AfterShot is designed to meet the requirements of all photographers, as far as image editing is concerned. Combining a generous set of features with an intuitive, modern-looking interface, it provides experts and beginners alike with all the editing tools they need in order to truly reveal the beauty in their photos.

Generous editing options and functions
Aiming to provide assistance in fine editing raw photos, Corel AfterShot integrates a plethora of adjustment options that help you get the most out of each scenery. And thanks to its selective editing capabilities, you can apply changes to definite areas (layers) of your images.

It enables you to tamper with the white balance, exposure, saturation, vibrance, temperature and contrast levels, modify sharpening, hues and lighting. The assortment of graphic adjustment functions also includes color correction, cropping and straightening options, lens correction, noise and red eyes removal.

As you make changes, the histogram and the preview photo are modified as well. It is worth-mentioning that the original photos are not affected in any way, unless you save the project. This way, you are free to experiment with colors and hues with no worries.

Photo organizer with support for a variety of formats
Thanks to its integrates metadata reader and photo organizing capabilities, Corel AfterShot can also be used to categorize, rate and manage a large image collection. Pictures can be easily sorted by various criteria, such as relevant keywords, tags or rating and included in different catalogs.

Additionally, the built-in file explorer enables you to quickly access the pictures you are looking for and include them into the AfterShot library.

The application is compatible with various types of graphic formats, such as RAW, NEF, RW2, CR2, CRW, RWL, SR2, ARW, NRW, ORF, DCR, DNG, MRW or PEF. Furthermore, you can use it to alter JPG or TIFF pictures stored on your computer.

Get the most out of your raw photos
Unlike the Pro version, Corel AfterShot encases a lightened feature set, but it should still be enough to fit the needs of regular users.

It comes with easy to use adjustment sliders, batch processing options and image management possibilities, enabling you to enjoy precise and accurate control over every piece of the depicted photo.

Here are some key features of "AfterShot Pro":

NEW! 64-bit power
• Now 30% faster! Get more processing power and remove memory limitations with AfterShot Pro’s new 64-bit architecture. Access more memory, and get more stability and responsiveness app-wide. Building on our world famous multi-core performance, this release is 4x faster than the leading RAW processing software—delivering results sooner and saving you even more time.

NEW! Updated RAW camera profiles
• This release includes 26 new camera profiles and supports RAW files from all major camera manufacturers. That adds up to support for more than 250 camera profiles overall, with updates coming throughout the year!

NEW! Complete High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools
• Currently available for Windows only. Free update for Mac and Linux coming Fall 2014.
• Create impressive photos with intense visual contrast using new High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools. Combine multiple exposures to create a single, stunning HDR photo. Within the all-new AfterShot HDR module, apply Smart Photo Fix, White Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Fill Light/Clarity, Local Tone Mapping, High Pass Sharpening, and Digital Noise Removal.

ENHANCED! Workspace enhancements
• Enjoy a more fluid workflow with a modern, streamlined interface. Enhanced Zoom delivers better previewing of smaller images, and a new Image Reset button lets you undo all your changes and view your original photo in a single click.

ENHANCED! Easier batch processing
• Now it’s faster and easier to configure batch processing tasks with a redesigned dialog that features the same new clean interface common throughout the application.

NEW! Local Contrast
• Recreate the look of a high-end camera lens and make objects within an image ‘pop’ by bringing out the texture and dimension in your photos.

ENHANCED! Bigger Images, Better TIFF performance
• New 64-bit performance means AfterShot Pro now supports much larger images, including files of up to 250Megapixels in size and TIFF format files larger than 30MB.

NEW! Noise reduction by Athentech
• Optimize your images with new Athentech Imaging Noise Removal. This award-winning technology automatically adjusts lighting for every pixel in a shot while maintaining true color and zero clipping.

NEW! Red eye removal
• Get precise control when cleaning up red eye in your photos.

Powerful adjustments
• Whether you're shooting in RAW or JPEG, you can alter your photos using a wide variety of adjustment tools, including Crop, Straighten, Highlight Recovery, Noise Removal, Color, Temperature, Exposure, Highlights, Fill Light and more.

Multi-version editing
• Easily make adjustments to multiple versions of your master photo without ever changing your original file. Make an unlimited number of versions of one image, with a wide variety of corrections and customizable presets, including Black & White, Cross Processing and more.

Precise control with Selective Editing
• Apply adjustments exactly where you want them with unique Layers and Regions capabilities that isolate precise areas of your photo for adjustment.

Powerful photo-editing plugins
• Enhance your experience with a wide array of RAW photo-editing plugins, including new, more powerful 64-bit plugins. Interested in developing new plugin capabilities? The AfterShot Pro 2 plugin Software Development Kit (SDK) gives you the tools you need.

Accurate color correction
• Fine tune the color in your photos with several adjustment tools, including Vibrance, Saturation, Color Balance and Mixer and Selective Color Control. Adjust everything from the overall color intensity for the entire image to the intensity of any single color.

Curves and Levels
• Apply adjustments exactly where you want them with unique Layers and Regions capabilities that isolate precise areas of your photo for adjustment.

Lens correction
• Restore the detail and accuracy of your images with three advanced lens correction processes. Geometic correction automatically fixes non-realistic curvatures for 350+ lenses. Vignette Removal lets you add or remove darkness in the corners of images, and Chromatic Aberration helps you fix uneven colors around image details.

A complete photo manager
• Take charge of your photos with extensive photo management support that lets you quickly organize your existing photos, and easily add new ones or catalogs any time. Powerful search tools, star ratings and other management tools let you quickly find photos even in very large collections.

Quick review
• Easily compare, filter and select your best photos from any number of similar shots.

Robust search tools
• Finding the right photo in a collection of hundreds or thousands is fast with powerful Metadata tools. Add your own searchable keywords, ratings, tags and labels. Or search by camera-written data like date, camera type, settings, aperture and more.

Customizable asset management
• Unlike other workflow tools, AfterShot Pro 2 does not force you to import your images into a catalog just to work with them. Easily access your photos in existing folders, on a network or on a memory card. If you wish, try catalogs to take advantage of powerful digital asset management tools to organize your collection as it grows.

Adjust, then create
• Interested in more creative photo editing? Send your images to Corel PaintShop Pro or other image-editing programs on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. PaintShop Pro offers hundreds of features and pro-level effects for advanced image manipulations.

Create web galleries
• Quickly create a web gallery to share your images online with friends, colleagues or clients. Choose from various gallery styles to control how your photos are displayed.

Protect your work
• Use batches to easily back up and archive your AfterShot Pro catalogs.

Batch output
• Process batches of images quickly using preset or custom settings. Set up batches for Web, print, galleries or easy backup.

NEW! 64-bit plugin SDK
• When you buy AfterShot Pro, you’re not just buying the most powerful RAW photo-editing software available, you’re buying into a comprehensive photo editing community. That means you have access to a wide array of 32-bit plugins and a growing number of 64-bit plugins and plug-in developers. Visit our plugins page to browse and install 32- or 64-bit plugins accordinate to your need. Interested in building plugins for AfterShot? Visit us here.

NEW! AfterShot Pro 2 RAW processing SDK
• Get the only RAW level image processing SDK in the industry. If you’re building RAW photo solutions, there’s no better choice than AfterShot Pro’s RAW processing SDK. Join leading names in the software industry and partner with Corel to make killer RAW solutions.

ENHANCED! OpenCL Support
• OpenCL lets you tap into the power of graphics cards (the GPU) to boost AfterShot Pro's processing speed. Depending on the graphics card and your computer system, the results can be dramatic. Give it try to see what OpenCL can do for you.


New Camera RAW support:
• Canon G7X, SX60
• Fujifilm X30
• Nikon D750, D810
• Olympus E-PL7
• Sony A5100

Issues addressed:
• Custom shortcut key setup
• Display issue with Fujifilm X-A1 images: White balance issues on Mac OS and Linux
• Red Eye Removal results affected by cropping
• Export results include title artifacts if Resize and Sharpening are applied
• [Pro] HDR crashes when using some Makeover Tool modes: Thinify and Eye Drop
• [Pro] HDR stability and usability improvements for Mac OS and Linux



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