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According to greek mythology , agamemnon was the son of (Atreus) and the brother of (Menelous),  King of Sparta.He was married to Clytementra from his citidel at Mycene, or nearby Argos, he sent out a summons to the Greek to join the expedition against Troy.The cause of the war was the fight of Menelou's wife Helen, to that city with Paris.                                                                 

                  However,the Greek fleet was delayed at Aulis by contrary winds. Agamemnon then realized that he would have to make a human sacrifice in order to appease Artemis, the goddess of the forest and wild animals.His daughter Iphigenia was therefore sent to Aulis under the pretext that she was to be married to the Greek champion and hero Achilles.According to one tradition Iphigenia was sacrificed , but according to another , she was saved by Artemis herself and taken to Taurus to became a priestess in the goddess's temple.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Clytemenstra never forgave Agamemnon for Iphigenia's loss, and she took Ageisthus for a lover during the ten-year siege of Troy.Aegisthus was the son of Atreus,Agamemnon's father.On her husband's return , Clytementrs pretentded how pleased she was to see him , Thanking gods for his save return.Agamemnon crossed the thrachold of his Palace ignoring the warning of his slave Cassandra , The prophetic daughter of Paiam, The defeated Trujan king.He Then retired to a bathroom in other to change his clothes ,Clytemenstra quickly threw a large net over Agamemnon and twisted it arround the body rending him an easy target for Aegisthus'axe.So, in reality Clytemenstra didn't kill his husband , but she helped her lover to do that task.This is very great tragedy.Inwhich the scheme of revenge , can be shown every moment and the next.As in first tragedy Artus burn the children of his brother.The second tragedy is whe Agamemnon sacrifice his daugther .                                                                                                   Third tragedy arouses when Clytementra killed his own husband.Fourth tragedy is, when Orestia killed his own mother.Fifth tragedy is When Orestia hang out . This is what we can call true curse of revenge on the house of Artus.

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