Agricultural Land Sand

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One of the inventors of innovation in land cultivation sand is PT. INDMIRA. The company has a commitment to improving the environment, by utilizing sand sprawling land. These innovations made since 1999, located in beach sand land Kawaru Bantul- Yogyakarta.

The sand beach is a land barren, dry, and very little of its nutrients. How do I make it as farmland. Land farming in the sand as well as perform in the soil media. The only difference being the intensity of the treatment course. Land sand can not accommodate very low water content and nutrients it requires care so very extra. As in rice cultivation, fertilizer first sprinkled on the media to be planted, the water flowed into the sandy soil. Requirement of fertilizer to the land of sand is different from the land the ground, in addition to using organic fertilizers to augment the content of nutrients and minerals. The amount of fertilizer use 2 times as much.

After the plow land manure mixed with sand so that the sand. After the rice planting one by one in order to use the measuring the distance between the same plants. Because rice is a type of plant that requires a lot of water. Then on the land beneath the sand must be covered with plastic as a water reservoir, so that the land will remain wet sand. There are also several types of vegetables that can be planted in the land of sand. Examples such as vegetables types of tomatoes.

Tomatoes contain vitamin c and a. Although the land is planted in the sand, but the content of these two vitamins are not diminished in the slightest. And plants that can be planted in other sand land is eggplant purple. Plants that can only be planted once a year, require regular watering and fertilizing at the beginning of the planting so that growth is more productive. Eggplant has a lot of content benefits, which are rich in antioxidants, prevent cancer, and is also good for heart health.

Moreover, it can also be planted corn, one type of plant can be in any kind of land origin is not waterlogged. Is famous for its corn crop nutrient needs are high enough, so giving the organic fertilizer should also be more frequent.

Maize is usually harvested will then be used as a seed for replanting. Then the fruit is ripe corn intentionally left to dry and sunburn sunlight. And other crops that can be grown are lettuce, lettuce planting is usually more often done by means of hydroponics. But this plant can grow on sandy land.

Although it has many limitations, but with the addition of sufficient nutrients through fertilization and irrigation. Turns land sand is also used as productive land for agriculture. Some constraints on agricultural land sand, among others, a very high salt content, the relatively warmer weather and also the nature of the porosity of the sand. Not all types of plants can be grown in sandy soil. Besides agricultural land of sand distance is very close to the sea, about 50 meters from the shore. So that the intensity of the wind with salt water high enough to cause the leaves quickly wither and die.

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