Agriculture of Pakistan can change the future next generation

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As Pakistan is a agricultural country and most of the people who lived in our villages are adopted the agriculture has a profession. The people work in the field and take care of their crops. In Pakistan, many places exist where the water will not present.

In the areas that the agricultural crops will be damage on a large scale which is not good for the economy of the country. The yearly rate of rain is decreasing due to the global warming and increase in the pollution. When the rain is not fall as a result the crops do not give the fruits properly.

Especially in desert areas, the production of crops are very less as compared to hilly areas. In those areas in which the rate of rainfall is less where the system of canals will be established. It is actually the supply of water to those areas where there is no water.

In Pakistan, the canal system is very important because 75 % crops depend on it. Due to the canal system we can easily fertile the land and grow proper vegetables, fruits and crops with season to season. Canal system is also known as water channels which have been made by a men for different purposes.

In canal system the water of rivers and seas supply to the whole areas in which deficiency of water occurs. This canal system mostly occurs in the areas of Punjab and Sindh because in that places the crops are die due to lack of water and rain do not fall especially in summer season. This system are so many advantages.

Due to canal system of water we get more yield of crops, vegetables and fruits. Some defects also present in this system because due to regular supply of water the land will be over fertile and amount of water will increase in the soil.


This increase of water in the soil will damage the crops. Due to canal system land will be effected on a large scale. So for the prevention of this defect the specific time will be maintained to take the supply of water.

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