AI-Themed C-Blog: A Quick Overview on Artificial Intelligence

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Okay. So this me trying my hand at c-blogging. I know! I know! There are still a lot of kinks I need to work on. Well, it is my first time, after all. There are still a few learning curves I need to hurdle through but I'll get there. 

So, I chose to start my AI-themed blogging series with a 'what is' kind of blog post. In this c-blog, I'm going to talk about what artificial intelligence is, the different types, where they can be applied. Probably, not the most exciting topic, but I'm not that familiar with AI myself - so I gotta familiarize myself with too, right?

So, without further ado, here is my first ever c-blog.


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So there you go! My first ever c-blog. See you soon!



Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day ahead of you and keep smiling. :)

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