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AIDS was first by physicians in early 1980's in a young male having one or more complex symptoms in him.


  • severe pneumonia
  • rare vascular cancer
  • sudden weight loss
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • general loss of immune function

primarily one thing that was common in all patients is that they all were involve in homosexual habits but soon it was noticed that the disease was also found in those people who are not involved in sexual habits but got blood transfusions from them.








Discovery of causative agent:

In 1984,the agent that caused AIDS was identified by research teams from Pasteur institute in France and National institute of health in USA.The viruses were then named as ''Humman Immuno deficiency  virus'' (HIV).One of the characteristics of this virus is that it is host specific.

Major target cells and systems of HIV:

The major cells of human which are effected by HIV are helper T-lymphocytes.They are the major component of the immune system.The cells of nervous system are also infected by them.



Epidemiology of AIDS:

HIV is transmitted by:

  1. sexual contact
  2. blood contact
  3. breast feeding

Preventive measures:

  • restricted to one sexual pariner
  • do not use common syringes
  • don't use stecile needles and surgical instruments.


A vaccine against HIV has been synthesized and its experimental administration in human started in early 2001 in South Asia.







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