Aiming For Success

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Aim High

Life is confusing, hard, having many problems ready for us to face. Wisdom lies in making it enjoyable throughout. What want to be the first step , make high aim for yourself and your bright sparkling future. The aim must be helpful to sparkle your future. But first ponder through what your aptitude is , seek advice from your parents, teachers and friends too. Aim high, because a man is what he thinks himself to be. An aimless person is like a helpless straw which is floating on high tides being mercilessly struck by the gigantic tidal waves, with no hopes of survival in any case.


Dealing with Problems

We get lots of problems and difficulties throughout the course of reaching our aim. It matters a title, if you feel them fearsome, then don't be so. Go through these hurdles smiling and having no fear of them. Have faith in Almighty Allah who always helps us in need.


After setting your aim, next comes strong planning keeping in view all problems and possibilities. Select the alternative courses as well. Adopt the best possible strategy and courses.

Hard Work

Nothing pays but your hard work and determination. One must be very careful in utilizing the time in proper way. Achieving a goal is not easy and simple, it needs lots of hard work.


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