Air pollution and the political implication of the current world.

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   As we all know,our world is changing in each second and it finally comes to one globalized community.As technology is advanced,life becomes simple and easy to adapt for multi-conditional patterns than any other times.On the other hand,natural and human made disasters are frequently occurred all over the

world and this results for the death of hundreds of thousands of human beings.Most scholars believed that the main reason for the natural challenges of the recent world is the pollution air and  healthy environment.Among these difficulties and disasters,hurricanes and very heavy rains,land slides and global warming are some of them.

   Air pollution affects the overall climatic condition of the world that is taken as a pretext for the rise of temperature and the melting of Northern and Southern ice crystals which is the first reason for the increase of water levels of seas and oceans.Various protocols and agreements were signed to protect the the world by minimizing the flow of  carbon dioxide and other pollutant chemicals originally come out from big factories and industries.However,even though there are better changes,still now more than 85% of the these harmful chemicals are released by developing countries.With in this scope,there are strong national interests found in each of the developed countries that these political implications forced them not to obey fully of the recent air pollution protocol agreements.What the developed countries really have to do is that with out affecting their economical and national interests,they can positively make a great effort than the current participation  to restore the world temperature as in the old times otherwise our world will deeply moved down to the most horrific natural disasters than ever!



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