Alcohol Consumption: Health Boost or Health Risk?

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Various researchers have found that reasonable alcohol consumption may lower the chance of cardiovascular illness in women and men. Reasonable drinking signifies one drink daily for women and one to two for men.

Sorry to say that, many people can’t stop at only one or two drinks. An excessive amount of alcohol can lead to severe health effects. Severe alcohol consumption may harm the liver, causing cirrhosis, a lethal disease. Irresponsible drinking can also increase blood pressure levels and also harm the heart , which is related to a number of cancers, including mouth, esophagus, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. The health hazards are possibly bigger for individuals who not just drink but smoke cigarettes as well .

Consuming not more than one drink per day for ladies without any a lot more than two drinks for men is secure, as well as perhaps actually heart healthy. However, irresponsible and hazardous drinking will surely have serious side effects.

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