Alexander [Story by Haider Khan][Part 4]

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"What the Hell is going on!" Shouted the guard on the walls, as he looked down, he took out the arrow, and aimed with his bow, straight towards Alexander. "HALT!" Shouted someone from behind. It was King Madius. "Stop at Once!, Don't you know who he is! He is Alexander!" Alexander look into the gates, it was King Madius and he at once left the guard. "I am going to..!" Said the guard as he was about to jump on Alexander but he was ordered by King Madius to remain calm. 

Alexander was invited in by Kind Madius and the villagers were also given refuge. Alexander informed King Madius about everything that happened 16 hours ago. King Madius was depressed and also scared. He ordered at once to search whole of the city, and capture those who looked or belonged to Persians. At once the guards moved out in search of them.

Alexander was given food and water. King Madius however was curios that why would Alexander leave a battle field. He never did, infact even if he was left alone, he would still fight, although King Madius did not have the guts to ask Alexander. 

King Madius showed Alexander his room, and also a few women, but Alexander rejected them, as he was too much depressed and sad. Alexander was awake all the night, he just could not forget the face of the King while fighting. He again, vowed in his heart, that until he is dead, he will not leave a single Persian alive on this planet. 

As the Morning came, he came out of his room and stood on the terrace just outside his room. He looked around, and observed. Just as he turned his face towards the door that led to his room, he saw a spear hailing towards him. He took action in fraction of a second and held the spear with his hand,

Who did this, who is reponsible for this? 

End of Part 4

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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