All Edges Brownie Cookies

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All Edges Brownie Cookies

There’s something about baking cookies that makes a house super warm and inviting. Mike and I are back home after being away for a little while and I’ve fallen in love with our house all over again. I love knowing just exactly where everything is and seeing all the little ways we’ve made our house a home. After unpacking (my most hated chore, up there along with packing and folding laundry), I whipped up a quick batch of these cookies from the cookbook of the ever talented Samantha of Love, Cake.



Sam’s new book is full of spice-centric sweets. These all edge brownie cookies are chewy and tender with pools of gooey chocolate. The cinnamon is at the forefront, offering a pleasant bold, but not overpowering punch of flavor. If you’re a brownie edge lover, these cookies are where it’s at. I substituted in some toasty pine nuts for the walnuts, but other than that, kept the recipe as is.

If you’re obsessed with spice, and in fall, who isn’t, I hope you pick up this book. The hot honeycomb candy looks fantastic and I can’t wait to cozy up and make the Indonesian Spiced Layer Cake and the Gingerbread.

Hope everyone is having a happy November so far!





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