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It's been a long time coming, but on the 13th July, I head back up to The Midland Gliding Club to shoot a film for them. The last day of the event is on 21st July, so it'll be quite a meaty operation.

The last time I was filming up there, it was for my short film '741' (on my web TV). This time, it's a much bigger prospect as the gliding club are my clients and have given me a run down of what they want me to film. Their requirements and length of the event does allow for some flexibility however. I hope to shoot some additional material in order to make some of my own creative shorts to share with the Film Annex community.

The event is called the Wenlock Gliding Olympian. A gliding competition intended to be as it would be if gliding had have been included in the olympics 50 years ago. There's going to be some beautiful old gliders, aerobatic displays and some of the best glider pilots from around the world attending. If I can be everywhere at once, I should get some great footage.

It's going to be an extremely challenging shoot and will require organisation. hard work and perhaps a bit of courage to be able to everything I want. I'm going to be asking a for a lot of favours and for the most part I'm going to be shooting on my own. During some of the shoot period, I will hopefully get assistance from fellow Film Annex users Jack Tew and Anderson West. Getting crew wasn't initially a concern, but has proven harder to arrange as the shoot is nearing. Everyone is on shoots, abroad or working at the moment. It is a no budget production, so inevitably money will talk when it comes down to it. Seeing as payment is based on sales of the final DVD, profits will roll in by the end of the year and those involved will get a desirable sum from that.

Deadline wise, it's looking like October for the gliding clubs film, which realistically means I'll be looking at a November deadline to upload some new shorts here. I also plan to get another Paper Cut short done before the end of the year, but due to some technical issues and the focus to have everything ready for the imminent shoot, I have had to dedicate less time to it.

Wish me luck for the shoot and many thanks for the continued support. I can't wait to show you the fruits of the labour :)


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