Alliance of Hate-(Exposing the Haters Who Echo Each Other Across a Divide they Erect)

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Geert Wilders, was welcomed as “our brother who loves God and loves freedom.” The Dutch connoisseur of hate joined the US mass consumer Western Conservative Conference to provide lecture on how to exclude Muslims from the United States as well as Europe. The blend of ideology/theology unfortunately has become standard nourishment mirroring what groups like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda dispense as part of their appeal. (See comic strips that are intended to drive fear and intolerance of other regardless of individual identity). The far Christian Right and its counterpart the Muslim extreme have become comrades in philosophy preaching exclusion and intolerance. Their messages feeding of each other and thus serve to recruit more hate consumers. And do not think there is distinction in methodology and violence that would be applied by either. Wilders laced intolerance with clear calls for Action! “They see discussion as weakness. They only understand action.”


A Menu of Global Hate Agenda:

The rhetoric served out at this “summit” did not make distinction between Muslims or their interpretation of Islam. If one inserted the term infidel for Muslim, the speeches start sounding as if delivered in some cave on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border rather than spacious conference room in Denver, Colorado’s metropolis. In fact multiculturalism was identified as enemy by name presumably thus defining Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Hispanics and even Native Americans as the enemy. Some of the quotes:


---“I didn’t say ‘radical Islam,’ I didn’t say ‘extremism.’ After you hear from Frank Gaffney and our friend from across the Atlantic, Geert Wilders, you’ll know why I just say ‘the threat of Islam.’” (John Andrews current head of Colorado Christian University and former President of the Colorado State Senate).


---“the existential threat to the United States of America posed by Islam.” John Andrews


---“there is no such thing as a moderate Islam — there is only one Islam, and that is a dangerous, totalitarian ideology that is intolerant, that is violent, that should not be tolerated by us but that should be contained.” (Geert Wilders – Head of Netherlands “Freedom Party”)


As is cited by the hosts' reports of the “Summit” Wilders proposed “strong medicine” including putting an end to multiculturalism, banning all new mosques and as well as stopping all immigration from Islamic states.


Banning the OIC from the United Nations:

Perhaps most curious proposal of evening was Wilders effort to introduce multilateral diplomacy into the debate where he called upon all Islamic countries (and some non-Islamic) from being banned from the United Nations. Wilders asserted that the US and Europe should stop all UN funding until the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation - Map Above) were excluded. This would presumably included kicking out NATO allies as Turkey and Albania as well as non-majority members as Mozambique or Latin America’s Suriname (who have joined not as matter of any Islamic solidarity but practical economic/political cooperation. Also many OIC majority Muslim states have non-Muslim leaderships).


Wilders proposal of course runs counter to the entire notion of a forum for international discourse. Indeed, the United Nations has been more successful in shaping and adopting global standards for human rights that promote religious tolerance, women’s reproductive rights, non-discrimination on basis of ethnicity, race, religion and sexual orientation. (See our Blog for Film –“US on Wrong Side of War on Women”) Of course such progressive standards may make the Western Conservative Summit leaders as uncomfortable probably more than some of the OIC states. (The evangelical Christian current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has come to adopt many of these progressive views as his own). Come to think of it, many of the Western Conservative Summit leaders would like to get the United States out of the United Nations period – then perhaps the US can join the OIC?  


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