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Phosphorus is represented by P. The atomic number is 15 and atomic weight is 30.97.Melting point of phosphorus is 44 and boiling point is 280 degree centigrade. Covalent radius of phosphorus is 74 and ionic radius is 110.

Ionization potential of phosphorus is 1061 kilo-joule par mole and density in case of white phosphorus is 1.82 but the density of red phosphorus is 2.20. Phosphorus are exist in free state because they are very reactive and react with other compounds to farm products.

Phosphorus are present in both animals and plants and also in human beings in human body. Phosphorus is present in bones teeth and tissues of muscles. Phosphorus is also present in vegetables ,eggs, beans, milk, and soil.

Phosphorus are very important for plants as we know that, plants get their food from the soil so they take phosphorus from the soil. Phosphorus is also prepared in laboratory by reacting calcium phosphate with silicon dioxide and carbon dioxide at a very high temperature which is 1500 degree centigrade as a result, carbon monoxide and phosphorus will be obtained.

There are two allotropic forms of phosphorus,that are white phosphorus and red phosphorus. White phosphorus are highly poisonous in nature. It is also the insoluble in water but are soluble in ether .Red phosphorus are insoluble ether.

Density of red phosphorus is 21 and melting point is 290 degrees centigrade. Red phosphorus is odorless but they are not poisonous in nature.

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