Alone is lonely

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If you fall in love just to hurt each other and become a pang in my heart that's whole life together, we do not ask, do not start, just indifferent to the sky, in the street indifference step with both hands always give neat in his pocket. No need to add one more, we only confidence alone go to the ends of the earth and do things we feel excited, youth living off because the goose of yourself. There are a couple of the situation where not to go on the belief that beauty in my love for naught. At first I did not understand why he is feeling pain, feeling hopeless and feeling like the whole world is his abandonment sides between the memories. The first time crying because someone does not enhance blood, weak as a girl, salty and bitter tears still as a child, but the pain in my heart, it did not stop despite no tears to fall. What pain will eventually stop when no more pain anymore. Stand up and make a new life without one there anymore, do what you like, do what you want, do the things that an adult like I have not done this before. Clear the room, take out the thing of the past, start planning for your tomorrow, your day ... Lie on the bed and holding a book, just read just to ponder until asleep. Tomorrow is just beginning, it's never so bored that I stopped. No matter how tired I also have to get up and running, chasing his dream, running his life pursuing, still doing what they have available to the students at an early age. Still love to play games in your free time, or still asleep in class, still singing clams and oysters can imagine 10 thousand spectators are listening. Still yourself, sir, but why we do not feel normal, something is not right, ... Yeah, the only thing wrong was the day before the launch we have 10 odd thousand people listening to our first song, there is one who always within our plans and now it is gone. West still pants shirt, his hands still always skip past the bag, just have to listen to a favorite tune. Just go back and ignoring the ith call someone or not, the road ahead we will go, where dreams beckons, after sleepless nights thinking that does not go out well in the end we found a way to go for his life. No more stubborn, never to take any more, let alone everything in the box yesterday. The memory could not even regret bringing us back again, then let stand for it, do not touch, leave yourself peace with the early sunshine just up, which is still family, friends the people you love, that still wander the path ahead. This life that's not just because we change, accept his loss to grow up and stop bigotry anymore, accepting forget to see his heart going softer. Solitude where nothing is great, see for yourself a little extra time to fly free dance, singing and free beer foam to the crowd late friend since elementary school, give yourself a little extra time to accomplish something before there is no time to perform - to play the piano, go View Forum, or anything else, what gives us the feeling of serenity and a place we go to when sad. Take a look at yourself as a little extra time for sadness in my heart really sank about, so I will be alone again as before still remained shirts trousers, was always left neat hands in pockets, walking and listening to a favorite tune, go ahead and forget that I ever have had a beginning.


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