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A little boy told a little girl:
- I am your BF!
She asked:
- What is BF?
He funny laughed and replied:
- That is the best friend.

Later they were dating, boy said to the girl:
- I am your BF!
She was slightly based on the boy’s shoulder , shyly asked:
- What does the BF mean ?
The boy replied:
- As your boy friend!

A few years later they married and born a really lovely baby, her husband laughed again and said to his wife:
- I am also your BF!
The wife gently asked him:
- What does that mean?
He looked lovely baby and happy to answer:
- As the baby's father.

When they get older, they sat together watching the sunset at the front porch, the old man said to his wife:
- My dear! Your BF is also me!
The old woman smiled with the wrinkles on the face:
- Now BF is what?
The old man smiled happily and answered in very mystical way:

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