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Today I am going to talk about help I mean help themselves and also help other peoples because God also help those peoples who prefer and hard work and help themselves. I think It is human nature that they are happy and satisfied with the work of others very few. One reason may be because they as is or as been wondering. As the next person so they may not be doing, but it's better than thinking.

I'm going to talk about today in which he said that instead of another wrong or can say that there is no way to someone else, and we should work instead of their own. Because beggar have become a big profession in our country and also whole society.

So far as Pakistan's biggest problem is that people are not happy with the Government is a lot of complaints. If we started writing, they write not fulfill. But first of all should think about whether they are correct and up to date. There is no error or error of any sort, does not exist.

According to my own opinion every human has their part burning themselves. It is a common phrase of a few words, a simple and absolutely. But the reason of the development of any nation. For a quiet stay in a good society, it's a very important life secrets is that if we wish to make progress, and we also like other countries developed. We have every kind of facility we also have the resources to be a phrase in the same solution, you will need to avoid them all. That an ordinary man and a great politician to do its part to man up all its responsibility and must comply with their duty.

If this happens then the day not far away when we will cross the limits development. Because when every man shall perform their work with honesty and understanding their duty fulfilled, then it will be a big change occurred. But if we will be practicing on only that he was unable to perform your task wisely then we found never change in our society and also country. Then neither we nor our ever-changing conditions will be. We have also performed their work wisely on the day of the last or not? So that we may be asked about the functions of others.

Therefore I beg you to be Pakistani, Afghan, American, whether it is it does not make any sense to me. But my message has its part that stop blame for others and just make themselves like a good, honest and perfect human. Then we all find a huge change in our country and we will be felling happy always. But its all about and depends themselves.


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