Am I A Sleepy Head?

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Lately I noticed myself to be not in mood only to find out that I always want to sleep. As I wake up every morning, there's that urge to extend my sleep but I just can't because I've got load of stuffs to do. Even in the moments when I can take a nap during afternoon feels like I'm lacking enough sleep.

So I Googled and found an interesting article:

"If a person does not get enough sleep, even on one night, a "sleep debt" begins to build and increases until enough sleep is obtained. Problem sleepiness occurs as the debt accumulates. Many people do not get enough sleep during the work week and then sleep longer on the weekends or days off to reduce their sleep debt. If too much sleep has been lost, sleeping in on the weekend may not completely reverse the effects of not getting enough sleep during the week."

For my own understanding it's like receiving a debt or an added interest or penalty whenever you don't get the enough sleep you need for the night as a sleep in night time is the most vital sleep.

So I guess I just need to sleep this off until I accumulate enough sleep points and pay my debt. LOL

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