Amazing Appearance [trees that bleed]

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Well folks, I heard about these trees and fanaticism have informed me that when something is entertaining and I need to share with someone. So good, this is a detailed information on these different types of trees, each with their similarity is "bleeding".

They are very curious and strange these trees when they are hit with a machete seem to bleed. One is the "Corymbia terminalis"
Native botany desert and Central Australia Aboriginal known as wood species blood desert.

Sometimes with a rough bark wound springs as a thick red sap, which upon solidification is known as red amber.

There is also another African species of trees bleeding the "Pterocarpus angolensis"
. The wood is highly appreciated and is used to make canoes, musical instruments and all kinds of furniture.

Its seeds are eaten by many animals, monkeys, squirrels and even elephants.

It has several medicinal uses such as treatment of ringworm, fever sewage, malaria etc.

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