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Password in your eye:



Are you tired of entering password to your social media account? If yes don’t worry because the latest technology is being considered which will replace the old trend of entering password, now you can enter the password without typing and it is your eye iris which is a password, it is said that it is even more reliable as compare to voice recognition, finger prints scanner, or a facial recognition softwares. There is another great security feature of this new technology is that the lock cannot be opened by the image of your eyes so your eye can only open the password.

Revolving Apartments:

Tehran the capital of Iran is now a day’s getting world attention due to a unique construction by their engineers ‘The revolving apartments’. These apartments could be moved up to 90 degree.  The idea to make was to provide a luxurious and comfortable place which not only to save space but energy as well and to get the maximum benefit of sunlight. These rooms could be moved directly in front of sun light during day time to get light in summer and heat in winter. There is no more need to switch artificial lights on. Just switch on a button and your living, guest room and office can be moved towards Sun.

Worlds Most Expensive Auctioned Car:

Ferrari GTO 250 Berlineta has become world’s most expensive auctioned old Ferrari car. It has been purchased by a rich man for 38 million US Dollars; this car is 52 years old. The auction was done in California. Ferrari Company has made such 38 cars more. This is the most expensive auction in the world the car has seats for two people. The model of car is 1962. The Car is red in color. Some of the other color in which the car was made are black, green, blue, silver and yellow. The car is an impressive performer with a speed of 200KM/H. The car has a long history of owners.

Feeding Mosquitoes on your own Arm: 

Today morning i encountered this picture on +Facebook and till now its bugging me. so i did a little research and finally got the source. According to the source the researcher Emily Jane Dennis feed the hungry mosquitoes through her arm. According to the source she feed the Aedes aegypti which is one of the dangerous kind of mosquitoes, they can cause yellow fever and dengue fever but it is said that lab mosquitoes are clean from disease hence it was not dangerous for her to feed the mosquitoes. According to source she feed 8 cages every 3 months which has estimated 500 to 1000 mosquitoes she also discussed why she do this if you are interested to know you can visit the source.

A new innovation to kill bacterial mosquitoes by 100%:

A new technology is being considered by scientists through which a kind of genetically engineered mosquitoes will be produced which will be 95 percent male mosquitoes in this technology x chromosomes of male mosquito will be killed so they cannot give birth to female mosquito which are cause of Malaria in the end slowly and gradually there will be only Male mosquitoes and female mosquitoes will be extricated this research will take several years but it will be remarkable achievement when X chromosomes in male mosquitoes will be finished they will not be able to transfer their x chromosomes so there will be no female mosquito in which XX chromosomes are needed so the new generation mosquitoes will only have Y chromosomes in their reproduction. And it will be diffidently death to the malarial mosquitoes


A Television with the Rolled Screened

A South Korean electronics company has announced to make a television with screen much thinner like a paper. It is as flexible that could be rolled easily. The television will be having 60 inches roll able screen with a resolution of 1200x810. It could be easily placed in 3 centimeter diameter tube. It is more strong then other televisions in the market. This technology will definitely change the concept of new technologies. For example a ten inch screen i-pad when opened will easily convert into 16 inches screen. The material used in it is “Polymidefilm” the company which is going to market this product is L.G.




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