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Often, we see them around. Wearing their make-up, well dressed, some look exactly like women but many still end up with the anticipated face of gay person. Gays or homosexuals are stereotyped with the said physical description. Many among them are also known to society for their loud and flirtatious personality. In which, they are known among straight men who are looking for someone who satisfy their desires and at the same time their luxury, which they could not sustain among themselves.




But not all gays are crossdressers (those who hide their true personality underneath women’s clothing). There are also, gays who wear polo shirts and faded jeans (and are thus sometimes mistaken by some as straight men). Some of them had already come out and choose to dress that way but most are still hiding, afraid of being identified as a gay.


Being a homosexual, be it a gay or a lesbian, society looks at them as sinful beings. For our society sticks to the norm that there should only be two genders – male and female, and other from it is already a violation of the norms of society and the Divine Law.

For how many years, back into the earliest eras of the world including the stories in the bible, homosexuals exist. Back then, they hid their identities and conform to the society. But as the millennium approached, little by little, the hidden personality of homosexuals came out and introduced themselves to the world.

They are considered as sinful persons. They are worldly as the old folks say. But what they cannot see are the pain that these people are undergo in dealing with their personalities. They might be flirty and gay on the surface but inside, they have their personal shortcomings due to their “special preferences.” Though they underwent such things, still they manage to prove to the society that they are not just nuisance but they are also useful beings.

Today, many homosexuals run our society. Most of them are persons that are being looked up to on industries like the movies, cosmetics, designing, and the like that they do excel most. However, despite this fact, still our fraternal society continues to look down on them. Some of the world’s renowned great artists are said to be homosexuals, Leonardo da Vinci was rumored to be one (he was still not able to escape from this issue even if he had already died too many years ago).


If you’ll look at it closely, most homosexuals are individuals being applauded by the world due to their achievements and great contributions to society. But at the back of the mind of those people who give them the applause and praises, they are being stoned and cursed.

A friend of mine sent this message via SMS:

There is a certain power that the homosexuals have – to reproduce without giving birth. We multiply without being pregnant. But our weakness is, we love with all our hearts but only being fooled by straight men.

Upon reading the said message, I replied that I do agree to what he is saying. I know it, for I have close friends and acquaintances that are homosexuals and most of them are gay. With the above message, I began to think. Yes, they do really have this wonderful power – to convert most of Adam’s race into Eves. They might be powerful in that point but not in the terms of being loved. They are being loved because of what they are but often times only fooled.

The only thing about of the homosexuals mistake is that they come out from the shell, shown the worlds that they have gone out of the norm that once you are born as a male you are already purely a man. We should consider that the fact we are made out of the two genders – the male and the female. So we must not adjudged those homosexuals if they had their feminine side in them, scientifically, it can be explained.



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