American and Afghan youth for a better Education in Afghanistan and business for Veterans

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In the last few weeks, Film Annex has defined two very important initiatives:

(G.I.V.E.) Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship
The Film Annex's Afghan Development Project

The two concepts are linked by a common denominator: Young Americans + Young Afghans.

The average Marine veteran is 22 years old. The average Afghan starts providing for his/her family at as early as 10 years old.

All 18 Marines we interviewed in Jacksonville agree on one thing: The Afghan youth is the future. They are our best allies. And what they need from us is simple: Modernization, education, and access to the global community. All of this can be achieved with a wider Internet network in Afghanistan.

The veterans who invested their time and energy to bring peace to Afghanistan are those who can make our goal a reality. These veterans connect with the Afghan youth. They have done it during the war, and they can do it now without their uniforms. They will help the Afghan and American youth by starting veteran businesses and small veteran-owned projects in Afghanistan and the US.

Assuring a long lasting relationship between the youth of the two countries is the best investment for assuring careers for military veterans.

Francesco Rulli

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