American Companies in Afghanistan

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There are tens of foreign companies activating in Afghanistan. Among those foreign companies there are American Companies, such as Film Annex website, Afghan Citadel Software Company. These two American Companies are making efforts to empower Afghan women stand on their own feet.

Film Annex is trying to tailor Afghan women reach the level that other women of the world have. For example, the representatives of Film Annex go to Afghan girls’ schools and provide them internet facilities. Besides they teach them how to use Facebook, Twitter, G-mail, and Film Annex social networks. Something they had never been acquainted with before.

Film Annex which is an American website activates in developing countries. This American website tries to empower those women who have no access to modern facilities other women of the world have. For example, by creating a Facebook account they can share their thoughts and ideas with others. On the other hand, they learn from the thoughts of other people on their Facebook account.

Afghan women who know English language and are educated; they can become an active member of Film Annex.They post the challenges Afghan women face, and the promotion they make on Film Annex website through the articles they write.

Afghan women’s minds are now changed. They have vast info about different fields, they are aware of the latest events happening in Afghanistan, and they know how other women of the world live and what they do. Why? Film Annex website has provided them internet facility in their schools and where they live. Thus, they are aware of all events and latest info of the world. This is a big achievement for such American companies activate in Afghanistan.

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