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Being an artist with a lot of action and a lot of fans, this time a dream of young men and women in all corners of the hemisphere, to sacrifice time, cost and mejja learn sometimes done voluntarily, for the sake of its goal to become a actris.

-Many parents are also very supportive of their child's dream, so any sacrifice for the purpose. Is this naive? Of course not, because if it is successful then the pay is commensurate with the efforts that have been undertaken.

Even if marginalized, often ad or home entertainment producer desperately need their services as a star in each product and their events.

Whatever the conditions, which obviously does not violate the ethics and norms of society, they are doing to achieve the ideals and future, they often are used in abused, at underestimate the contrary now able to change all the assumptions being leveled at them.

Just look ... new champion, a new star, a new event, a new story, event sustainable and ultimately a binding contract they make their living standards be raised and transformed, like a fairy tale that never runs out of story.

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