Amiga Cartonera

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Amiga Cartonera is an arts-centered program that provides teachers with the tools to engage students through visual arts, theater, music and photography, instilling a love of reading and encouraging higher order thinking and comprehension that students can draw upon across disciplines. The program demystifies literature and treats it as a pretext for play.

I was fortunate to participate in a program called the Amiga Cartonera that occurred in 2008 for a few months, we selected 6 students from 4th grade to 1st high school, I was one of those selected along with fellow my classroom.

This long happened but it was something that I really loved and I still remember with great joy does, because there on that project turned on too many things among them is the no fear of everything and anything you do, do it safely and you develop a lot more for any field.

There were many workshops such as: Theatre, interleaved stories, music, photography, painting, reading, among others, my favorite workshop was theater and photography as you taught to act without any punishment and take photos as incredible as a professional, you can live with more partners not only in my grade but other degrees, every day we learned different things we were doing different jobs but all work were focused on reading especially with that reading worked the entire project, reading was "the postman Bad" Rabindranath Tagore.

The postman bad by Rabindranath Tagore:

Mother, say, why are you so quiet, so sad, sitting there on the floor?

Do not you see the rain coming through the window and you is getting wet?

Hey, the gong is giving four and brother have to go back and school.

What is it, di mother; why are you so weird? Do they have not had a letter today Dad?

All the people today the postman brought a letter, I have seen.

Only letters dad saves them in a bag to read them to him.

Mother, I'm sure the postman is very bad!

... But do not be sad about that, mother. Look, tomorrow is the village fair. The maid to go and buy pens and paper. I myself will write all the letters dad.

And you'll not find not a failure.

I'll write straight from A to K ... Why are you laughing, mother?

You think you know that I do not write as well as Dad?

You see, I rayaré paper with a ruler and put a lot of care, and make really big letters.

And the conclusion, do you think I'm gonna be silly like dad check cards in the bag that ugly mailman?

You'd bring myself to the time and help you spell it! I already know that the postman does not like to give you the most good cards!


This was the reading we do every day we had, "cartonera" I liked that reading and working with her differently, as doing poetry, or transforming into a character, or making sculptures, finally were too much. But the bottom line was reading.

One day was the closing of the project and asked us to take friends or family, to live that experience, I take it to a cousin, who then told me that he loved to participate that day. Every time there was a closure was done differently, by involving all as much as teachers, as students and why not people who know about it.

I really like this project too, if I would participate again, it is something that is not forgotten, a great experience.