Amir Ali Shir-e Naway’s School and Tomb

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One of the tallest and greatest buildings in Herat was Amir Ali Shir-e Nawayei’s school , mosque and Abbey . Its porticos were decorated by pure gold and azure. the tall Minarets in its right and left sides  decorated  by tile and tore  increases its magnificence .This great building was completed in869 ,and  included a hospital, an abbey, a library and a place for students memorizing the holy Quran .Around hundreds of poor people and other patients were treated free in Amir Ali shir-e Nawayi”s hospital. medical science had developed much during that period and the way of his medical treatment was known as a miracle .The poor were given food and clothes in Amir Ali Shir-e Nawayi’s  abbey every day .Ten thousand sheepskim (fur),shoes and clothes were granted to the poor .Great and popular scholars were teaching  in his school .



The school ground was given  to Amir Shir Ali  Nawayi  by Sultan Hussain-e Bayeqra ,but he constructed the school and the mosque using his own money devotedly .Because of that the school was named Ekhlasid (Devotee) school .Amir Shir Ali Nawayi ‘s school could not survive much and was attacked and destroyed by the enemies of culture and civilization. A dome was constructed on Amir Shir Ali Nawayi s tomb almost 60 years ago ,but recently it was destroyed to rebuild a great and decorated dome by Bador cultural Foundation from Uzbekistan , which has not been done yet.

Amir Shir Ali Nawayi was one of the great scholars  and poets of the Timuri’s lineage and was the advisor of sultan Hussain-e bayeqra in all affairs of his period .



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fariba rejhan from Herat Afganistan .Student of 12th grade of Amir Ali shir Nawaie and intersted to writting topics and reports.

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