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It is truly not possible to lick your very own elbow. 
A crocodile can't keep it's tongue taken out
A shrimp's heart is within it's head. 
Folks express "Bless you" whenever you sneeze mainly because whenever you sneeze, your heart puts a stop to for a milli-second. 
In a survey of 200,000 ostriches during a period of 80 years, nobody disclosed a single scenario where an ostrich placed its head in the desert sand
It will be physically not possible for pigs to look up into the skies
A pregnant goldfish is known as a twit. 
Even more than 50% of the people in the modern society possess by no means created or obtained a telephone call . 
Rats and also horses can't vomit. 
When you sneeze too muchyou could fracture a rib. 
For those who make sure to restrain a sneeze, it is possible to break a blood vessel in the head or neckline and die . 
In case you continue up your eyes open by pressure whenever you sneeze, you may pop an eyeball out.

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