An Afghan #Female Got The 4th #Afghan Contemporary #Art Prize 2013 in #Afghanistan

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On 16-Nov-2013 Women's Annex participated in 4th Afghan Contemporary Art Prize 2013 at Baghe Babour in Kabul, Afghanistan. Many female and male artists worked and tried to get the first position in competition, but this is not the first time that women show their abilities in social activities

 Now, Afghan women are trying to bring change and involve to economic, art, and business issues. Fortunately, for the past two years we have not only witnessed the renovation of art and cultural centers, but also we have seen a new revolution of modern and innovative artistic and cultural ideas in Afghanistan 

An Afghan female, Masooda Noora who got the first position and the prize in this competition, she was born in 1995 and she is study in second year in fine art faculty of Kabul, University.  She likes to use a variety of material when she wants to create an installation to make a conceptual video with her art. Her purpose is introduced to Afghan people to their problems and challenges in an interesting and emphatic way that they react instantly and change their vision and life for the better life

The aim of this competition is building a sense of historical continuity and dialogue between different generations of artist and art forms. The TOP ten artists who Candidate for Prize worked within the frame work of realism or with traditional techniques, have often considered contemporary artistic expressions either foreign or a threat to local culture integrity

 Women's Annex hope the new movement is not conceived in opposition of Afghanistan's traditional arts. The young Afghan generation must change deeply and focus on the connection to environmental or universal essence


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