An Embarrassingly Sad Truth

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It's sad to see and observe how a lot of Filipinos tend to be hypocrites even if they claim that they are not. People in high places play to encourage their subordinates to be expressive, to air out their minds, to communicate, to be assertive, but the moment something blows back to their faces, the facade is gone.


Have you ever been a lowly employee in the corporate world that when a biggie steps on your toes, you are overlooked?  Bypassed? No apologies and full of valid excuses also known as valid reasons. One can only imagine, what may happen if this lowly employee goes through the system called open-door policy and airs out an issue and unintentionally stepping toes along the way. I'm pretty sure dismayed, disappointed, and disgruntled will some of the words that would spring to their minds. Anger and hot-headedness are the immediate reactions. Ranting and raving is what they wish they could do, but had to struggle to maintain their so-called composure.


Just a thought.


Kudos to Schena Yatco

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