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You know him well, and he knows you better than anyone else. Today we are going to interview the one and only THE MR. DIVIL.

Interviewer: hi

Devil: (doesn’t speak, just raises the hand with middle finger opened and all other closed.

Interviewer: what is this!

Devil: this is my salute.

Interviewer: salute to whom.

Devil: to every good person.

Interviewer: thank you.

Devil: for the salute.

Interviewer: no for asking me a good person. Ok how do you do.

Devil: I am doing hell of a good job.

Interviewer: how?

Devil: don’t you see TV or read newspapers or use internet.

Interviewer: yes I do.

Devil: then why don’t you know. There is war everywhere, people are killing each other, destroying each other.

Interviewer: you call that a good job?

Devil: you are interviewing a devil, not a preacher.

Interviewer: ok what was the happiest day of your life?

Devil: I am still waiting for it.

Interviewer: when will it come?

Devil: when the third world war starts.

Interviewer: do you think it will?

Devil: I am trying my best.

Interviewer: ok just leave the war and come to knowledge and literacy, people say that illiterate persons are your easy target, is it true?

Devil: you don’t understand, literacy or no literacy, I don’t care much. My focus is on the moral values, in fact I am pretty much happy with the literate persons, and you see when an illiterate person can only commit a crimes, a small crime, while a literate person! Ah! They are beautiful, I mean uglyful.

Interviewer: what kind of a word is that?

Devil: this is my grammar, I was saying literate people have done massive work for me. The amount of corruption they do illiterate person can’t even think about that. They have made bullets, guns, missiles, warheads, gunships, fighter planes, chemical weapons, and the masterpiece, atomic bomb.

Interviewer: well they are doing good things too, look at the advancements in the field of health and medicine, communication, transportation and infrastructure.

Devil: these are the reasons I hate literacy.

Interviewer: do you hate or like women literacy?

Devil: literate or not literate, I only like the one who listens and obeys me.

Interviewer: ok what part of the world do you like best?

Devil: where there is war, poverty, diseases.

Interviewer: it means you like natural disasters too.

Devil: No! Not at all. Infect natural disasters are very worrying for me.

Interviewer: why? Don’t you like destruction of mankind?

Devil: you see, in natural disasters people help each other, this increases harmony and love among nations, and I don’t like that, I only like destruction of mankind by the hands of mankind, infect I love that.

Interviewer: ok, people believe in different religions, can you tell us which is the true religion?

Devil: this is a silly question! If I tell u the right one, then I am out of business, I will always tell you the wrong one, even if I tell you the right one will you believe me.

Interviewer: no!

Devil: see! No use of telling, religion matters, but not that much, my creativity is effecting every religion of the world, religions teach moral values, and I teach to murder values of mankind.

Interviewer: who is you favorite personality?

Devil: if I tell you that, the Peron is going to get killed or is not any more of my use.

Interviewer: what do you think about leaders of the world?

Devil: I like every leader who is corrupt and wants war with other nations.

Interviewer: in what field most of your followers work.

Devil: in every field, even in the medical science they are creating diseases.

Interviewer: I think after seeing this interview, everyone will be aware of you.

Devil: it is of no use everyone knows the moral values, how many follow them, my business is flourishing day by day, no one can stop it, I am more powerful than I was ever before. There is war everywhere,What are your hopes.

Interviewer: at least they are talking about having a dialogue.

Devil: yes they are, but they will not succeed, I have my plans and my people to fail your plans. Time will tell.

Interviewer: yes time will tell, thank you, for the interview.

Devil: go to hell, it is not a curse it is a pray from me.

Interviewer: u keep your prays to you and go to hell.

Devil: thanks.

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