An unforgettable journey of Africa

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It is a story of two man trapped in the forest of Africa. One of them was Steve and the other one is john. They are in the middle of nowhere. They were the citizen of USA and come to Africa as tourists. They were lost in the woods and have no way. They are hungry and exhausted. They were not the survival experts and they have no information about the survival.

 They were very good we know that the Africa is the land of forests, animals and deadly area. Both of them was very dehydrated and need food. They see some insects they were very hungry that they ate that insects. They were walk in the search of some village. They walk and then suddenly they saw a snake. They don’t know about the snakes. It was black mamba, one of the most deadly snakes of the world. They change their path and were very scared.

They need water and food. Night comes john has a lighter with him. They burn fire and sleep. The next day is very warm. They found lake drink water and decided to walk along this lake. Many days they were stuck in that forest.  This lake leads them to a village. They contact their family and friends. They stuck in the forest for 23 days.

 This journey encourages their feelings and realized them the value of life.


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