Ana Judson from Brazil Supports and Talks about WAF #Superhero Factory Project

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"The Superheroes' qualities are Integrity, Will, Action, Determination." 

                                                                                             - Ana Judson

Ana Judson is a supporter and generous donator of  he“Afghan Superhero Factory” project launched by Women's Annex Foundation.

We asked Ana a few questions about herself and how she sees superheroes, so we could share her story with the young female students who are benefiting from the Superhero project.

Women's Annex: Tell us briefly about yourself and your background.

Ana Judson: I am from a small town in Brazil and moved to New York City for work, where I met my American husband. We have a little boy and a little girl. I know the difficulty of making big changes in your life and believe that with perseverance, hard work and sometimes a helping hand, anything is possible.

WA: What did you like most about the Superhero Project? 

AJ: I read constantly about injustices perpetrated on women in the Middle East where I traveled to when I was younger as a flight attendant, and experienced firsthand. Superheroes are an invaluable influence for young people, no matter what the conflicts around you may be.

WA: Did Superheroes have any influence in your life?

AJ: Absolutely. Images of women Superheroes stretch the sexism boundaries. Male Superheroes are not far off in the way they are represented. This is very much the Brazilian way, and their style is aspirational. Most of all, no one likes a bully. Who wouldn’t want to be a Superhero and vanquish the evil?

WA: What qualities make a Superhero in today's world?

AJ: Integrity, Will, Action, Determination.


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