Analysis of the poem 'Remember forest' of World Travel

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flashed often enlightening stories from many emotions. Are the feelings still reasonable to expand the size of poetry to create each definition of poetry, or even the face of an immortal poem? Read "Me forest" as long as the World Tourism generations to do so ...

Until now, the secrets and wonders of poetry often has its origins in legal writing is simple but bold animal functions. Only a "guise" tiger "Me forest", World Travel has created many very different meanings, in poetry Tigers turn transformed into diversified want what's musings from the "root" to receive each form very own readers.

With the New Poetry, The Lu is not cancer raging controversy that he used the pen romanticism to portray the mettle of the forest when God paints penance in the "iron cage".

Chewing a mass hatred in the iron cage,
I stretched out, looking down through the days.
Other flood arrogant contempt, stupor,
Baby stared deep forest spirit mockery dread
Sa far, been confined humiliation
To do fancy games, toys.

Locked himself in the guise of poetry old tiger, tiger sa poet describes in legal writing and sizes horizontal swing, slash along very natural, spontaneous, sharp by nature novelty factor of new poetry?

If earlier, South East Lake poet did for the old poet as "The shirt is old former" old color set, both in terms of the size of the old feelings ... they are not wanted now World Travel the only downside altogether out of old poetry. Conversely, as long as he saw the old poem spirit that still resonate in the new poetry, have expressed it more comfortable, more freedom. Tigers still managed imprisoned but things mettle shone with extraordinary special qualities of Romanticism through the powerful language of the "wind forest", the "voice yelled sources mountain" of the verb intense: "scream, loudly, rolls, glaring ...


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