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Poems about dreams Hue Vi Da village This has left us so many beautiful memories of charming scenery of Hue, Hue people and more especially the romantic poetry of a life, a human life - South Mozi.

"Open the door looked the moon, pale moon,
Closed rooms lit candles, candle fell continent ... "

Those who have ever drunk as Han Mac Tu moon? "Moon sprawled on willows - Wait for the wind to the east of flirting ..." ("Sheepish") - Poet boat also comes to the moon, moon river, moon landing ... Both a heavenly fantasy moon, magical. Poet Han Mac Tu horror overwhelmed by moonlight, showing the soul, "say the moon" with the passion of his life, has actually had a dream. He is one of the most prominent poets of the New Poetry movement (1932-1941). With 28 years of age (1922-1940), he left for poetry ethnic hundreds of poems and a verse drama. His poetry such as spilled blood and tears, no less iconic horror. Also no one has written poetry about spring and girls ("Spring of nine"), the beautiful Hue and poetry ("This Vi Da village") as Han Mac Tu.

"This Vi Da village" episode pulled in "Poetry crazy" published in 1940, after the poet's death. Great poems of Hue, the charming natural scenery, the people of Hue, especially girls charming, amorous, adorable - love passionately romantic, shimmering in the light fanciful . A poem expressing sadness conceptualist, a yearning for the happiness of amorous poet, many debt affinity with human sight and Vi Da.

The first one "sweet" as an invitation, just reveling reunion, gentle rebuke many people injured waited missed. Poetic voice mellow, loving and romantic: "Why did not the game hamlet Tails? '. There are several remote. Old scene flickers ancient people in beautiful poetry brings nostalgia. How memories come alive in a poetic soul. It is associated with garden scenery and people of Hue dreams


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