Angel with a red hat

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I was scared as I sat in the coffee shop. Tomorrow I would have spinal surgery. The risk was high, but my faith was strong. I prayed, "Oh, heavenly Father, in my time of trial, send me an angel."

As I looked up, preparing to leave, I saw an elderly lady walking very slowly to the register. I stood by her, admiring her flair for fashion - a bright paisley dress of red and purple, a scarf, a brooch, and a brilliant scarlet hat. I said, "Excuse me, madam. I just must say what a beautiful woman you are."

She friendly clasped my hand and said, "My child, bless you, for you see, I have an artificial arm and a plate in the other, and my leg is not my own. It takes me quite some time to get dressed. I do my best, but as years go by, people don't seem to think it matters. You've made me feel so special today. May the Lord watch over and bless you." As she walked away, she had touched my soul in such away that I knew she could have only been the angel.

- Tami S. Fox -

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