Angelina Jolie in Afghanistan

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Hollywood star and United Nations’ goodwill ambassador, Angelina Jolie visited Afghanistan for the second time. Jolie, visibly moved by the plight of the refugees returning to their homeland, made an appeal to the UN and the government of Afghanistan to ensure that the former refugees get to live in good conditions. 

On her previous visit to Afghanistan in 2002, Jolie had met a number of people displaced due to the war. Almost 10 years later, when she set foot in the country again, she was happy to be reunited with Zamo Jan, a frail 70-year old lady. But seeing the conditions in which Jan and many of the others were forced to live in, Jolie made an appeal to provide these people with proper shelter. She stressed on the need to not only provide a shelter, but also to have hospitals and schools in the area so that people can settle down with their families and find jobs too. 

The Afghani people, specially young children, were very enthusiastic about meeting the superstar and took a lot of interest in speaking with her, albeit through an interpreter. They all voiced their needs and put their thoughts across. Most agreed that education and healthcare are the facilities that are most urgently needed. Jolie urged the government to not ask the refugees to come back, but also to reintegrate their lives. She said this must be the prime focus as without proper reintegration and rehabilitation, the people will find it very difficult to make a fresh start after returning.

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