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Today I want to discuss about most important point in engineering drawing because whole engineering drawing have base on it. Without this Projection method engineering drawing is nothing. That’s why it’s compulsory to know the proper sequence of being any good engineer. So here I am starting about this projection method….

First Angle Projection System

Third Angle Projection System

First Angle Projection System

  • In this method Object is in between Plane and observer.
  • The front view is form on frontal plane and the top view is formed on horizontal plane.
  • This method has true shape and size also.
  • With respect “Glass Box Approach” the 1st and 3rd coordinates are opened while 2nd and 4th coordinates are closed.
  • Front view is formed on Front and Top view is formed on below the front view.



Third Angle Projection System

  • The Plane is in between Objects and observer.
  • The top view is formed on horizontal plane and front view is formed on vertical plane.
  • This method has reduced shape and size.
  • With respect “Glass Box Approach” the 2st and 4rd coordinates are opened while 1nd and 3th coordinates are closed.



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