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As you may know there is an ANGRY BIRDS movie in the works. Personally, I have no interest in seeing this movie. I was an early adaptor of the franchise that I have since abandoned for greener pastures. I think the franchise has been over milked and has nothing more to give... but apparently some disagree. 

I have known for a while that there would be a film adaptation however there have been some casting announcements recently that grabbed my interest. The cast is comedy gold with names like Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudekis, Kate McKinnon, and more.

This has me conflicted. On one hand I don't really give a shit about ANGRY BIRDS mostly because it's no longer 2010. On the other hand I am curious to see what script could attract some of my comedy idols (or money... how much MONEY could attract my comedy idols).

Are you looking forward to the ANGRY BIRDS movie? Let me know in the comments.

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