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Hello friends, how are you?

I am talking here on the topic of Animals”.

Kinds of Animals

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There are 5 kinds of animals which I am going to elaborate here.

1- Wild Animals

2- Domestic Animals

3- Pet Animals

4- Birds

5- Insects

Note: Click on each name to read more about them by Mr. Wikipedia-Thanks

1- Wild Animals

You can see the chart below of wild animals but I will talk about some of them.

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Mostly the animals which known as wild animals live in jungles. Most of them have four legs and tail.

The animals like tiger, wolf, deer, snake, alligator, giraffe, rhinoceros and monkey are known as wild animals.

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The tiger lives in jungle and hunt animals to eat. Tiger is a carnivore. The color of the tiger is light brown and has black dots on his skin. Tiger always lives alone he never lives in a group. They mate once in a year and after that when the children become young they left them on their behalf.

The wolf also hunts but he cannot hunt big animals than him. The wolf is a carnivore. They live in a group and always help each other to surf. They always hunt when they are in a group in this way they can hunt easily. The color of the wolf is light brown from belly to foot and from head to tail is gray and black.

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The deer is a herbivores, so they never hunt any animals to eat as they are herbivores so they eat grass and other little plants. They live in a group and mate once in a year. The female deer mostly deliver one baby but sometimes she can deliver twins. The color of Deer is brown and has horns in his head.

The alligator lives in lake or mud, slush or slime. They swim by their four legs and tail. They are very lazy on the land but in the water, they can swim faster. They eat meat and hunt both big and small animals like buffalo, deer, and monkeys.


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The giraffe is a herbivores, and they eat leaves from big trees. They have a very big neck that’s why this is very difficult for them to drink water. Because of the difficulty they rarely drink water. The color of the giraffe is light brown and has dark brown or black dubs on his skin.

2- Domestic Animals

Here is a chart of domestic animals, you will find some of them under below on my blog.

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The Animals which are useful and helpful for us, and we can use them in our some daily work are known as domestic animals. The domestic animals can also live with us.

The donkey, goat, ox, horse, sheep, dog, cow and camel are the domestic animals.

The donkey is very useful animal for us, you know how? The donkey can pull a cart and we can move goods from place to place by donkey cart.

The goat gives us meat and milk. We can drink the milk of goat and can eat the meat of goat. The mostly goat has horns on their head.

The OX is a very useful animal like a donkey. The ox can pull a cart and we can transfer our luggage by ox cart. The ox is a male so he cannot give us milk but we can eat the meat of ox.

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The horse is a very rare animal, The Arabian horse breed is considered a number one breed of horse in the entire world.

The sheep are mostly like the goats. They give us both milk and meal. The skin of sheep uses to make the warm clothes and blankets.

The dog also a very useful animal for us as you often sees some people have their pet dogs with them during a walk in a park. The dog is a very loyal animal, nowadays the dogs also use by intelligence agencies too, to detect any Contraband goods on airports etc.

The camel and the cow also give us milk and meat and their skin also uses to make warm accessories for humans. The camel mostly uses in desserts to travel or move goods from place to place.

3- Pet Animals:

Animals which we husbandry without any profit and they give us joy are called pet animals. The pet animals also live with us and we keep them with love and best care.

The pigeon, parrot, quail, cat, duck, rabbit, swan and dog are pet animals.

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The pigeon is a very beautiful animal which we often see on the square of roads, near parks and lakes in the group. The pigeon gives two eggs and lives in a nest. We can eat the meat of pigeon but I will never prefer to eat such like this beautiful animal.

There are many kinds of parrots. They are very colorful animal the beak of parrot is turned down. We can train a parrot and then he can speak like us.

The rabbit is a very beautiful animal, and they have an almost same system as human females. The female rabbit mostly delivers more than two or three children. They have big ears on their head instead of horns.

4- Birds:

There are many kinds of birds which existing in the world. Mostly birds are pet animals like parrot, pigeon, and hen. All birds have two wings, two legs, feathers and a beak.

The sparrow, dove, hen, parrot, peacock, crow, hawk, flamingo, penguin and emu are some kinds of birds.

The sparrow is a common bird here in Pakistan. They live in the nest and have feathers to fly.

The peacock is a very beautiful bird. They have very beautiful feathers on his tails. They look more beautiful and awesome when they are dancing.


The Flamingo is also a very beautiful animal. The flamingo also is known as a fish catcher as they eat fishes and catch them from lakes or ponds. They have big legs, which save them to submerge in the water.

The penguin has a very short foot or legs in the comparison of Flamingo. I would say that the penguin has only footed under them. They walk like took took took “hehe hehe”. They live in cold places and can swim in cold water. Actually, the penguin is a cold place animal.

5- Insects:

Very small animals are called insects. All insects have six legs. Most insects have wings. Some insects have sharp stings.

The ant, butterfly, housefly, ladybird, grasshopper, walking stick, honey bee, cockroach, and mosquito are some of the insects.

The ants always live in a shape of a huge group. They eat everything which they find to eat on land. Mostly they eat the dead bodies and food. The sweet is their favorite food.

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The butterflies are very beautiful insects. Do you know how they get the colors in their wings? The born time, the force which they applied to get out from eggs is the reason of colors in their wings. the more force means more colors. They like followers to live and flies over the gardens.

The grasshopper is an insect of grass. His name is representing his property. He lives in grass and eats small insects which he hunts from the grass.

The honey bee is both dangerous and useful animal. They produced honey for us. The Japanese honeybees are very dangerous. If they attack you, you may be getting the serious condition or maybe go into a coma.

9 Weirdest Insects On Earth

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So these are my knowledge and my research about animals I have much more things to write about these animals. But I have limits here about write I will write separate blogs on each animal and will try to elaborate their lives in my next blogs.


Please find the external link in the blogs to read more about the topics by Mr. Wikipedia-Thanks.


"I would like to say that save animals for us and for your coming generations".

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