Another Blessing from our Dear Almighty God and Mother of Help...

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Starting and having my own business is one of my dream and in my every prayer. I have been working for many years now and unfortunately I wasn't able to save money for my future and not even able to help my family due to all my pay or salary every 15 days is just enough to pay rents,bills and even just enough to survive in every day living.. So I always prays to God to give me a chance to start my own business while still working and just recently he is about to answer my prayer by approving me with my car loan.

I know it is just a want and not a needy thing to have because of it's high maintenance but if your going to use for business this will give us a big and good income. I am planning to use this car to be a part of Grab Car Business..

I'm still hoping that everything will be ok and may this be a successful business..

Thank you Lord...

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A person who has faith in God and believes that everything happens for a reason. Love to travel and full of big dreams in life..

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