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Hello friends out there.
I have another health matter for you guys.
While browsing my favorite social media network, I saw a video from my news feed that is regarding sleep. According to what I have watched, we people need to have at least six to eight hours of sleep every night. If it is happened that we only have four hours sleep last night, we need to have eight hours of sleep later. Yes! We need to take the two hours of sleep that we haven’t last night.
According to the specialist in the video, when people had lack of sleep, we are most sensitive in such things; we are getting more being hot-headed. We also more exposed to such sicknesses. We might be absent minded, slow thinker, and even our temper. I actually felt these every time that I don’t have enough sleep.
There is a sleep test but it is superb expensive as much as 33,000 pesos or 767USD for just one night. I know most of us believe that if the person is snoring, he/she is sleeping tight, but according to the specialist, they are not.
There are some people having sleep disorder. These are called insomnia and sleep apnea.
Here are some tips from them to get a better sleep.
• We must wake up with the same time in the morning to make our body clock sink with it
• Make the room dark, quite and cold
• Lay down right away on the bed when feeling sleepy
• Don’t make the bed our standby place
• Don’t check the time whenever we are laying down on bed and not sleeping yet because it will stress us when we see the time is passing while we are still up


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